Agile Scrum Methodology

Scrum is a transparent agile project management model that manages continuous and incremental projects of all the domains. It is simple, gives a boost to productivity (proven). It has the ability to include various primary practices used by other Agile models.

In Scrum, our Product Owner works jointly with the client’s team to identify and layout system functionality. We create an informed Product Backlog. It consists of strategies and approaches to deliver a functional software product. We include elements like features,
errors/bug fixes, non-functional and functional requirements, etc.

Once a Sprint’s Product Backlog is committed and potentially shippable increments are set, only a dedicated team of experts will add functionalities to the Sprint. After the sprint is delivered, our team will make necessary changes if needed in the Product backlog. It is
reprioritized and analyzed. The further part of deliverables is selected for the next Sprint. But don’t worry all the activities will be conducted only after consulting the SME’s of your organization.


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