The Crystal methodology is the most transparent, flexible approach to software development.

Crystal promotes KSAPEX an early and frequent delivery of the working software. With the framework, our clients have experienced high user involvement and adaptability to new software or technology. Clients with whom our team followed this methodology were able to successfully remove the bureaucracy and distractions throughout the process.

Crystal is part of Agile process models, involving Crystal Clear, Crystal Orange, Crystal Yellow, etc. Each has a unique role to play in the terms of system necessities, size of teams, and project priorities. The crystal family is flexible, a new project is trailered in the terms of policies, practices, and processes to meet the product’s unique characteristics.

Crystal gives importance to communication held between the people involved in working on an agile software development project. The factors like project criticality and project priority of the developing software are also vital.

It is the driver focusing on binding the people and processes at the core together. However, it is not only the people or the processes that are important, the interaction between them that is most important. Crystal will help maintain a transparent culture in the organization, by promoting ease of communication, adding simplicity and teamwork several key tenets of Crystal include teamwork, communication, and simplicity, and also a reflection to frequently adjust and improve the process.



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