Kanban the power of visualization. It is famous among our Lean Teams to visualize and manage the workflow. It helps our team to proactively manage the development of client’s products The lean team uses Kanban to visualize and actively manage the creation of products with a priority on repeated delivery.

Kanban promotes a proactive environment, uninterrupted collaboration, and encourage learning. It also helps in establishing the best possible team workflow.

The best thing is that it will not add stress to your software development lifecycle. Kanban follows the principles of Scrum. It assists the teams to work together giving effective results. KSApex’s Kanban is based on 3 basic principles:

Workflow Automation

Visualization of today’s work. Checking on all the highly informative items that are related to each other.

Maintain limited work in progress (WIP) load

It is helpful while following the flow-based approach. It helps the teams to manage the work commitments.   

Improving the workflow

After finishing the running project, the next highest priority project from the product backlog will top the WIP list.


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