• Project Management System

    Project Management System helps all project manager as well as stakeholders to collaborate well with each other at every stage of project for efficient project completion.

  • Asset Management System

    This module tracks all physical furniture asset and help organizations to save money by efficiently reusing existing assets.

  • Space Management System

    Client: Dept. of Health and Human Services, Washington DC
    Client: Dept. of Transportation, Washington DC
    With this module organizations can track building occupancy, space charge-back, current rent, rent estimate, employee's move and much more.

  • Real Property Asset Management System

    Real Property Asset Management System Module helps organization to keep track of all their real property data and related assets through out the world. It also helps Federal agencies to comply with Executive Order (EO) 13327 "Federal Property Asset Management" which promotes efficient and economical use of the Federal Government's real property assets.

  • Emergency Management System

    This module keeps log of all accidents and it's locations in the building. It protects individuals from hazards and the overall organization from liability by informing building safety team to take appropriate action.

  • Sustainability Management System

    This module helps organizations with detailed building energy consumption,Sustainability, green operations in the building or within the organization

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