Agile Consulting

Agile Consulting
Agile is a framework - No “body of knowledge” or prescribed templates
There are many Agile “methods” under the Agile umbrella, each with its own set of practices, procedures, and nomenclature.
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • FDD (Feature Driven development)
  • ASD (Adoptive Software Development)
  • XP
  • Lean
  • DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method)


Scrum is performed by cross-functional teams across short iterative phases occurring on a regular cadence. It is NOT a software development methodology. It is an innovative, Agile method for completing and delivering complex projects in an incremental and iterative fashion.

Scrum is not about the process. It is about people. People coming together to deliver value to the customer!

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