Data Science and Analysis


KSApex is a valued partner in mining insights from this data store as priorities are identified, validated, and developed. Our team comprises highly experienced and skilled Data scientists, data engineers, analysts, and SMEs who deliver advance analytic solutions. We have skilled professionals who have converted a tsunami of data into business.

Extraordinary Experiences

KSApex LLC is the Technical Integrator (TI) for a large-scale federal government program. We are performing the assessment, integration, and testing of over ___ systems, providing scalable and secure solutions.

We leverage visualization tools and create actionable insights with clear facts to support your crucial decision.

Our Core Values

KSApex support an analytics culture covering the data, technology, demographics, and human behavior to solve complex business challenges.

  • Efficiency
  • Commitment
  • Open-mindedness
  • Optimisim

Extraordinary Experiences


Business Intelligence and Reporting

Data is universal, to stay ahead in the race, it is a need of an hour to harness this high-volume, high-velocity information asset. KSApex have created many success stories by providing real-time business intelligence solutions for both federal and business. The insights had far-reaching implications for your mission-critical decision-making. We provide customized BI (Business Intelligence) solutions and leverage commercial/open-source analytical software tools available in the market.

To make informed and enhanced decisions, we make use of your data from the database, transform, and load (ETL) into a presentation architecture.

Big Data Integration, Processing and Mangement.

KSApex manage your houmous volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data along with a variety of data platforms and services. We keep pace with the velocity of the incoming data and maintain the quality of it.

As per your system requirement we perform batch processing and/or stream processing and feed it into the analytics tool. Batch processing is done when it works for you if your business needs to process a large amount of data but do not need real-time analysis. Steaming plays a vital role when you need faster analysis, like in the case of Fraud detection. The data is transferred to the analytical tool in piece-by-piece in real time.

KSapex is always upfront when comes to new technologies. Data warehouse is of no execption. To avoid the challenges of conventional on-premises data warehousing, many organizations are moving to a cloud data warehouse model.


Advanced Analytics Solutions

We use innovative commercial analytics software and tools. Along with that, our Data Scientists develop customized predictive and real-time analytic systems and data visualization software. KSApex is dedicated to delivering impactful insights and business value of incoming data in areas of healthcare, education, intelligence, and commercial markets. We have helped many Federal and Private organizations to be at a competitive advantage in terms of – customer retention, faster decision-making, and improving efficiency.

Advanced analytics is the stepping stone for Machine Learning, AI, predictive analysis, and cognitive computing. If you don’t know where to start? You are at the right place. We will bring your static data to life and unlock the door of opportunities you are looking for.

Data Engineering

We transform data into useful insights to enhance the decision-making process. Our Data engineers’ abilities lie in building pipelines that further transport and transform the data into a usable format. This makes the life of data scientists or developers involved in the project easier. We consider diverse sources of data. Our practice is to collect data from many diverse sources and storing them in a data warehouse that represents data uniformity as the sole source of truth.

  • We have a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and professional IT skills and services to leverage the benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data analysis helping us create success stories and achieve critical mission goals.
  • By applying engineering procedures, we can reduce risk, enhance the repeatability of the process. And decrease defect/error rate.
  • We follow and implement Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) to further improve the SDLC.


Every challenge is an opportunity. We are known for building trust by delivering the quality solutions in tight schedules and budget. Explore all our use cases. Know more about our success stories.


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